Kernel Quantum Probability Library
The KQP library aims at providing tools for working with quantums probabilities
Public Types
Eigen::internal::traits< kqp::DiagonalBlockWrapperDenseMult< Lhs, Rhs, Side > > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

enum  {
  Flags = 0, RowsAtCompileTime = Dynamic, ColsAtCompileTime = Dynamic, MaxRowsAtCompileTime = Dynamic,
  MaxColsAtCompileTime = Dynamic, CoeffReadCost = 1
typedef Dense StorageKind
typedef MatrixXd::Index Index
typedef scalar_product_traits
< typename kqp::scalar< Lhs >
::type, typename kqp::scalar
< Rhs >::type >::ReturnType 
typedef MatrixXpr XprKind

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