Kernel Quantum Probability Library
The KQP library aims at providing tools for working with quantums probabilities
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCkqp::AbsIndirectSort< ComparableArray, Index >
oCAccumulatorFactory< Scalar >
oCkqp::Aggregator< Scalar >
oCkqp::AltArrayBase< Derived >
oCkqp::AltArrayBase< AltArrayOp< Op, Lhs, Rhs, Side > >
oCkqp::AltArrayBase< AltArrayWrapper< Derived > >
oCAltArrayOp< Op, Lhs, Rhs, ProductOrder >
oCAltArrayWrapper< Derived >
oCAltAsDiagonal< Derived >
oCAltBlock< _AltMatrix >
oCAltCwiseUnaryOp< Operator, Derived >
oCkqp::AltDense< Scalar >Dense or Identity matrix
oCkqp::AltDiagonal< Scalar >Diagonal or Identity matrix
oCkqp::AltExpression< Op, _Lhs, _Rhs, Side, isT1 >Defines the expression type of a multiplication
oCAltMatrix< T1, T2 >
oCAltMatrixOp< Op, Lhs, Rhs, ProductOrder >
oCkqp::AltMatrixStorageStorage type for AltMatrix
oCkqp::AltVector< Scalar >A dense vector or a constant vector
oCkqp::BoundedParameter< Scalar >
oCkqp::BoundedParameter< Real >
oCBuilderChooser< Scalar >
oCBuilderFactory< _Scalar >
oCkqp::IncrementalKernelEVD< Scalar >::Comparator
oCkqp::cvxopt::ConeQPOptions< Scalar >Options to be used for the coneq
oCkqp::cvxopt::ConeQPReturn< Scalar >
oCkqp::Decomposition< Scalar >
oCDense< Scalar >
oCDenseSpace< Scalar >
oCDensity< Scalar >
oCDiagonalBlockWrapper< Derived >
oCkqp::DiagonalBlockWrapper< Derived >
oCkqp::DiagonalBlockWrapper< Lhs >
oCkqp::DiagonalBlockWrapper< Rhs >
oCDiagonalBlockWrapperDenseMult< Lhs, Rhs, side >
oCkqp::DiagonalComparator< Scalar >
oCDirectFactory< Scalar >
oCDivideAndConquerFactory< Scalar >
oCkqp::EigenList< Scalar >
oCkqp::EigenList< Eigen::NumTraits< Scalar >::Real >
oCkqp::EigenListComparator< Scalar, absolute >
oCkqp::EvdUpdateResult< scalar >
oCEvent< Scalar >
oCstd::exceptionSTL class
oCExprType< Op, Lhs, Rhs, Side, isT1 >Defines the expression type of a binary operator
oCkqp::ExprType< Op, _Lhs, _Rhs, Eigen::OnTheLeft, isT1 >Defines an expression type when the Alt matrix is on the left
oCkqp::ExprType< Op, _Lhs, _Rhs, Eigen::OnTheRight, isT1 >Defines an expression type when the Alt matrix is on the right
oCkqp::cvxopt::f4_class< Scalar >
oCkqp::cvxopt::f4_no_ir_class< Scalar >
oCkqp::FastRankOneUpdate< Scalar >
oCFeatureMatrixBase< Scalar >
oCkqp::FeatureMatrixBase< Scalar >Base for all feature matrix classes
oCkqp::FeatureMatrixTypes< FVector >
oCkqp::GenericVector< Scalar >A generic vector
oCEigen::Identity< Scalar >
oCboost::serialization::implementation_level< Eigen::CwiseNullaryOp< Eigen::internal::scalar_constant_op< Scalar >, Matrix > >
oCIncrementalFactory< Scalar >
oCkqp::IndexedValue< Scalar >
oCkqp::IndirectSort< ComparableArray, Index >
oCpicojson::input< Iter >
oCkqp::SparseDense< Scalar >::Insert
oCkqp::IntervalsIteratorAn interval iterator
oCkqp::KernelOperator< Scalar >
oCKernelSumSpace< Scalar >
oCkqp::KernelValues< Scalar >
oCkqp::SparseDense< Scalar >::KeyComparator
oCkqp::cvxopt::KKTPreSolver< Scalar >The KKT solver
oCkqp::cvxopt::KKTSolver< Scalar >
oCkqp::LambdaComparator< Scalar >
oCpicojson::last_error_t< T >
oCboost::Loader< Archive, T >Direct loader (when there is no default constructor)
oCboost::Loader< Archive, Eigen::CwiseNullaryOp< Eigen::internal::scalar_constant_op< Scalar >, Matrix > >
oCkqp::MinusOpDifference operator
oCkqp::MultOpMultiplication operator
oCkqp::NoAlias< Derived >
oCkqp::Orthonormalize< Scalar >
oCkqp::cvxopt::QPMatrix< Scalar >
oCkqp::cvxopt::QPMatrix< KQP_REAL_OF(Scalar)>
oCkqp::ReducedSetNullSpace< Scalar >
oCkqp::ReducedSetNullSpaceResult< Scalar >
oCkqp::SpaceFactory::Register< Scalar, SpaceInstance >Registration class
oCkqp::Rotation< Scalar >
oCEigen::Identity< Scalar >::RowWise
oCRowWise< _AltMatrix >
oCkqp::RowWise< AltMatrix >Row wise view of an Alt matrix
oCscalar< Derived >
oCkqp::scalar< Derived >
oCkqp::scalar< double >
oCkqp::scalar< float >
oCkqp::scalar< std::complex< double > >
oCkqp::scalar< std::complex< float > >
oCkqp::ScalarDefinitions< Scalar >
oCScalarInfo< Scalar >Information about templates
oCkqp::ScalarInfo< double >
oCkqp::ScalarInfo< float >
oCkqp::ScalarInfo< std::complex< double > >
oCkqp::ScalarInfo< std::complex< float > >
oCkqp::cvxopt::ScalingMatrix< Scalar >
oCkqp::Selector< Scalar >
oCSpaceBase< Scalar >
oCkqp::SpaceFactoryFactory for
oCSparseMatrixBase< Derived >
oCkqp::storage< Derived >Default storage type for AltMatrix nested types
oCkqp::storage< Eigen::CwiseNullaryOp< Eigen::internal::scalar_identity_op< Scalar >, Eigen::Matrix< Scalar, Dynamic, Dynamic > > >Storage for the identity (with cwise)
oCkqp::storage< Eigen::DiagonalWrapper< Derived > >Storage for a diagonal wrapper
oCkqp::storage< T1 >
oCkqp::storage< T2 >
oCkqp::storage< typename Eigen::CwiseNullaryOp< Eigen::internal::scalar_constant_op< Scalar >, Derived > >Storage for a constant matrix
oCkqp::ThinEVD< BaseMatrix >
oCkqp::trace_info_struct_< T >
oCboost::serialization::tracking_level< Eigen::CwiseNullaryOp< Eigen::internal::scalar_constant_op< Scalar >, Matrix > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< Identity< _Scalar > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::Adjoint< kqp::AltMatrix< BaseT1, BaseT2 > > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::Adjoint< kqp::AltMatrixBase< Derived > > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::AltArrayOp< Op, Lhs, Rhs, Side > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::AltArrayWrapper< Derived > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::AltAsDiagonal< Derived > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::AltBlock< AltMatrix > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::AltCwiseUnaryOp< UnaryOp, Derived > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::AltMatrix< T1, T2 > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::AltMatrixBase< Derived > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::AltMatrixOp< Op, Lhs, Rhs, Side > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::AltMatrixWrapper< Derived > >
oCEigen::internal::traits< kqp::DiagonalBlockWrapperDenseMult< Lhs, Rhs, Side > >