Kernel Quantum Probability Library
The KQP library aims at providing tools for working with quantums probabilities
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kqp::SpaceFactory Class Reference

Factory for. More...

#include <space_factory.hpp>

Data Structures

struct  Register
 Registration class. More...

Public Types

typedef AbstractSpace *(* BaseConstructor )()
 Constructor type for spaces.

Static Public Member Functions

static void registerSpace (const std::string &name, BaseConstructor constructor)
static boost::shared_ptr
< AbstractSpace
load (const picojson::object &value)
 Load a space, starting with an XML node.
static boost::shared_ptr
< AbstractSpace
loadFromFile (const std::string &filename)
 Load from an XML file.
static boost::shared_ptr
< AbstractSpace
loadFromString (const std::string &jsonstring)
 Load from an XML string.
static void saveToFile (const std::string &filename, AbstractSpace &space)
 Save to a file.
static std::string getJSONString (const AbstractSpace &space)
 Save to a string.
static std::vector< std::string > registered ()
static std::map< std::string,
BaseConstructor > & 
constructors ()
 Map from names to constructors.

Detailed Description

Factory for.

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