Kernel Quantum Probability Library
The KQP library aims at providing tools for working with quantums probabilities
kqp::KernelEVDBase Class Reference

#include <kernel_evd.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for kqp::KernelEVDBase:
kqp::KernelEVD< Scalar > kqp::AccumulatorKernelEVD< Scalar, can_linearly_combine > kqp::AccumulatorKernelEVD< Scalar, false > kqp::AccumulatorKernelEVD< Scalar, true > kqp::DenseDirectBuilder< Scalar > kqp::DivideAndConquerBuilder< Scalar > kqp::IncrementalKernelEVD< Scalar >

Detailed Description

Base class for all kernel EVD

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