Kernel Quantum Probability Library
The KQP library aims at providing tools for working with quantums probabilities
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kqp::FastRankOneUpdate< Scalar > Class Template Reference

#include <evd_update.hpp>

Public Types

typedef Eigen::NumTraits
< Scalar >::Real 
typedef Eigen::Matrix< Real,
Dynamic, 1 > 
typedef Eigen::Matrix< Real,
Dynamic, 1 > 
typedef Eigen::Matrix< Scalar,
Dynamic, Dynamic > 

Public Member Functions

 FastRankOneUpdate ()
void update (const RealVector &D, double rho, const Eigen::Matrix< Scalar, Dynamic, 1 > &z, bool computeEigenvectors, const Selector< Real > *selector, bool keep, EvdUpdateResult< Scalar > &result, ScalarMatrix *Z=0)
 Rank one update.

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
class kqp::FastRankOneUpdate< Scalar >

Maximum rank Fast rank one update of an EVD

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
kqp::FastRankOneUpdate< Scalar >::FastRankOneUpdate ( )

Default constructor

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Scalar>
void kqp::FastRankOneUpdate< Scalar >::update ( const RealVector &  D,
double  rho,
const Eigen::Matrix< Scalar, Dynamic, 1 > &  z,
bool  computeEigenvectors,
const Selector< Real > *  selector,
bool  keep,
EvdUpdateResult< Scalar > &  result,
ScalarMatrix *  Z = 0 

Rank one update.

Computes the EVD of a rank-one perturbed eigenvalue decomposition \( Z(D + \rho z z^\dagger) \) where \(D\) is a diagonal matrix with real values and \(z\) is a vector (complex or real field).

ZIf given, instead of returning the eigenvectors matrix Q, update \(Z\) as \( Z Q \) This allows to compute the eigenvalue decomposition of \( Z (D + \alpha z * z^\dagger) Z^\dagger \)
Dthe diagonal matrix (all the values must be real)
rhothe coefficient
keepKeep all the eigenvectors (even those of the not selected eigenvalues)

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