Kernel Quantum Probability Library
The KQP library aims at providing tools for working with quantums probabilities
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kqp::AltMatrix< T1, T2 > Class Template Reference

Alt Matrix. More...

#include <alt_matrix.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for kqp::AltMatrix< T1, T2 >:
kqp::AltMatrixBase< AltMatrix< T1, T2 > >

Public Types

Eigen::internal::traits< T1 >
typedef Eigen::NumTraits
< Scalar >::Real 
typedef const AltMatrixNested
typedef AltMatrix< T1, T2 > Self
typedef AltBlock< SelfBlock
typedef AltBlock< const SelfConstBlock
- Public Types inherited from kqp::AltMatrixBase< AltMatrix< T1, T2 > >
< AltMatrix< T1, T2 >

Public Member Functions

 AltMatrix (const T1 &t1)
 AltMatrix (const T2 &t2)
Index rows () const
Index cols () const
Real squaredNorm () const
Scalar trace () const
Scalar sum () const
template<typename CwiseUnaryOp >
void unaryExprInPlace (const CwiseUnaryOp &op)
const std::type_info & getTypeId () const
bool isT1 () const
bool isT2 () const
storage< T1 >::ConstReturnType t1 () const
storage< T2 >::ConstReturnType t2 () const
storage< T1 >::ReturnType t1 ()
storage< T2 >::ReturnType t2 ()
const storage< T1 > & getStorage1 () const
const storage< T2 > & getStorage2 () const
void swap (AltMatrix &other)
void swap (T1 &t1)
void swap (T2 &t2)
Adjoint< AltMatrixadjoint () const
 Returns the adjoint.
Scalar operator() (Index i, Index j) const
Scalar coeff (Index i, Index j) const
template<typename Dest >
void evalTo (Dest &dst) const
void printExpression (std::ostream &out) const
void conservativeResize (Index rows, Index cols)
void resize (Index rows, Index cols)
Block row (Index i)
ConstBlock row (Index i) const
Block col (Index j)
ConstBlock col (Index j) const
Block block (Index i, Index j, Index height, Index width)
ConstBlock block (Index i, Index j, Index height, Index width) const
ConstBlock topRows (Index h) const
Block topRows (Index h)
ConstBlock bottomRows (Index h) const
Block bottomRows (Index h)
const RowWise< AltMatrixrowwise () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from kqp::AltMatrixBase< AltMatrix< T1, T2 > >
< Eigen::internal::scalar_sqrt_op
< Scalar >, const AltMatrix
< T1, T2 > > 
cwiseSqrt () const
< Eigen::internal::scalar_abs_op
< Scalar >, const AltMatrix
< T1, T2 > > 
cwiseAbs () const
< Eigen::internal::scalar_abs2_op
< Scalar >, const AltMatrix
< T1, T2 > > 
cwiseAbs2 () const
< Eigen::internal::scalar_inverse_op
< Scalar >, const AltMatrix
< T1, T2 > > 
cwiseInverse () const
AltAsDiagonal< const AltMatrix
< T1, T2 > > 
asDiagonal () const
AltArrayWrapper< const
AltMatrix< T1, T2 > > 
array () const


class AltBlock< Self >
class AltBlock< const Self >

Detailed Description

template<typename T1, typename T2>
class kqp::AltMatrix< T1, T2 >

Alt Matrix.

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